We want to ensure that everybody riding with Wild Bikes Cycling Club has a safe and enjoyable experience. Of paramount importance is the safety of all our riders.

We therefore request that all our members follow a few basic rules to ensure the safety of both themselves and any other road user or pedestrians.  Please acquaint yourself with the relevant documents below. 

Road Ride Rules

All riders confirm that they will abide by these ride rules when taking out their club membership with us. However, if any rider has any queries about these, please speak to your Ride Leader or contact the club direct using our Contact Us form.

Road Riding Etiquette

In addition to the Road Ride Rules, we have created this Ride Etiquette document to help ensure everyone is riding safely in a group by detailing some of the basic principles and communications used whilst riding in a group on the road.

Mountain Biking Guidelines

All riders attending the Mountain Bike ride should ensure they have read and understood the WBCC MTB Guidelines

Guest Registration Form

New members are welcome to ride with us for up to 3 rides before being asked to join. New members should complete this Guest Registration Form and bring it along with them on the day.  Ride leaders will also have a form you can complete on the day if you are unable to arrange in advance. 

Parental Consent Form

Anyone under 18 years old attending a Wild Bikes ride must provide a completed Parental Consent Form. 



Cycling is an inherently dangerous sport.

WBCC welcomes all riders, but do not assume any liability for your participation.

In no event, shall WBCC accept any liability for any injury, loss, or damage incurred by use of, or reliance, on information from the forums, documents, or from participating in group rides with WBCC. By participating in any group rides arranged or co-ordinated by WBCC, you acknowledge, appreciate, and agree that:

  • The risk of injury from cycling is significant, and while particular skills, equipment and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious and potentially fatal injury does exist; and
  • Knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, whether arising from the negligence by myself or others, to the fullest extent of permitted by law.
WBCC strongly recommend that all members take out appropriate third party liability insurance for their cycling activities. Appropriate discounted insurance cover is available through the clubs affiliation to British Cycling and the CTC and is open to all club members.