From zero to hero! – Wild Bikes MTBers take on the Marin Trail

The omens were good, all the ingredients fell into place for this more distant WBBC Mountain Bike trip into Snowdonia. Glorious sunshine, amazing scenery, perfect trails, laced with a heady scent of warm pine resin & dust, you get the picture!
Currently known as Gwydir Mawr, to those of us with longer memories, it will forever be affectionately known as the 'Marin Trail'. 
A posse of dedicated WBBC riders assembled in the free car park, Ian, Ash, Dave, Kirsty, Steve (on a brief visit back from France) plus myself Martin. Having ridden this trail since the early eighties, I became the impromptu lead rider, providing trail knowledge & advice etc.

Single track part one complete . . now to tackle the climb

After a brief spell in the car park oohing & ahh'ing at Kirsty's new car, as well as Ian chatting up a couple in a camper van who even provided him with a temporary sun bed mat of which he took full advantage of! We set off up the short technical trail section & then up the long steep forest road with it's false horizon's eventually reaching the first of many sweet flowing technical single track sections. The trail has a real old school feel to it due to the numerous forest road links. However, several new single track sections have recently been included, making this a truly special trail. Old favourites like the 'Dragon's Back' still have the ability to test your skill & nerve in equal measure! One of the new sections which included some really big berm's had everyone whooping & hollering! With Ian beasting everything in sight, Kirsty pushing herself way beyond what she believed possible, demonstrating a level of commitment that put us all to shame, Ash loving his new Whyte & Dave really making his Bird fly not to mention Steve who spent the whole ride living on my back wheel! A good pace was maintained throughout.
The scenery was truly spectacular with the surrounding mountains in the near distance just making it a little more special. Ultimately the final descent was just the cherry on top, long, flowing & fast! The ride had everything, speed, technicality, flow, requiring skill & concentration. The reward a massive adrenaline rush!

En-route home we regrouped at McDonalds on the A55 where it was agreed over a not so healthy dose of fast food that this had been a great ride out. Steve finally summed it up describing the Marin Trail as having gone from "Old School Zero to a modern trail Hero!"
A cracking ride enjoyed by all.

Words supplied my Martin D. 

Martin happy in his natural habitat

Breathtakingly beautiful

The view to the mountains was spectacular

Ian enjoying a little sunbathing with help from his new best mates!